A group of passionate professionals
(veterans with 10+, 15+, 20+ years in the industry) willing to make a serious impact on the tragical state of the information security situation in Europe

An explicit focus and attention on the state of security in Healthcare and its surrounding ecosystem, which we dare to revolutionize by securing, hardening, protecting it better

Very strong professional background, extended with some of the best partners around the globe available to date (Tenable, PortSwigger, TrustedSec, HackerOne, Cobalt.io, ZeroITlabs, CCC etc.)

Gender-positive company
(aiming on a 50%-50% m/f ratio), partnered up with and supporting organizations such as Women In IT Security (WITSEC)

Mid-term plans include
regular Meetups and a yearly global Health-Tech-Sec conference (probably in 2021, Budapest)
On the longer term
we aim to become the leading InfoSec / CyberSec company in Europe
Our longest term goal
is to reduce data breaches in the health industry across the globe both by providing direct support and by leading the industry towards this standard

Partner goals
Finding the strongest partners in the health-tech-sec industry and forming a politically independent, strictly professional alliance to guarantee these aforementioned standards get applied over the industry


CEO profile
∙ Örs Apor Horváth
∙ 20+ years in the Information Technology industry
∙ started in 1996 as “black hat” (red) hacker, turned into a white hat (purple / blue), ethical hacker (and still being that)
∙ specialized in Information Security / Cyber Security and global, highly secure, automated (Infrastructure as a Code), cost effective, highly available, highly scalable, on-premise / private- / public cloud information systems / infrastructures (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
∙ Hacktivity (the conference) ambassador for 6 years
∙ in 24 years, the IT systems, companies I represented, have never been compromised, cracked / hacked. No data breach is known to date.
∙ also known as a Free- / Libre- / Open source software evangelist
∙ in his free time passionate about: martial arts, mountaineering, ice hockey, portrait/nature photography, music: instruments/singing